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Part-body Systems | Sellamed 4000 | Technical Details

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Part-body systems

The outer shape of all part-body systems is identical.
Please pay close attention to the respective differences in "Technical Details".

Sellamed 4000: technical details

Model: Sellamed 4000 UVA 1-Part-body Radiation System
System Dr. Sellmeier

Power input: 4,2 kW

Filter technology: UVA 1 Edge Filter, Blue Filter, IR-Filter, Cold Light Reflectors

Emitter type: Sellas 4000 / 380

Spectral range: 340-440 nm, the remaining spectral portion is reduced to a minimum

Dimensions: 54 cm x 93 cm x 180 cm (L x W x H)

Weight: approx. 120 kg

Electric supply: 400 V 3/N/PE, 50 Hz, 60 Hz availabe, other ratings are possible

Conductor cross-section: 5 x 1,5 mm²

Fuse: 1 x 16 A, delay, earth leakage circuit breaker [ELCB] is required

Cooling: two ventilators to cool the patient, one ventilator to supply cooling for the unit itself

Protection class: 1

Classifikation: Class 2 a (MPG, Medicinal Devices Act)

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